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    Eco-san is committed to provide advanced, green, safe and reliable ecological toilet technology and product.

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  • Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

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ECO-SAN Product Introduction
Eco-san Solar-powered Recycling Ecological Toilet (Eco-san) is the product which won the first prize the first prize of the “REINVENT THE TOILET CHALLENGE” launched by Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in 2011 by Prof.Hoffmann’s team from California Institute of Technology (Cal-tech).
Eco-san Ecological Toilet (Eco-san) is a kind of green, environmental and ecological toilet system with solar power supplying system and electro-catalytic oxidation technology to realize the in-time treatment of fecal wastewater on site. It’s a kind of container type recycling system and a kind of self-supporting movable equipment. Eco-san ecological toilet system is a green and ecological toilet which can safely and effectively realize the recycling of fecal wastewater and is specially built for the areas which haven’t proper sanitation facilities, sewer system,power and water or are lack of power and water.
ECO-SAN Process

Process of ECO-SAN Toilet
ECO-SAN Process Introduction
The fecal wastewater from toilet will enter the collection tank with special design. The collected wastewater will be broken and crashed by macerator pump and then delivered to the reactor of pre-treatment and the contaminants will be degraded by bio-degradation. Then the reated water from pre-treatment system will be sent to Electro-chem Reactor (ECR). The organics, ammonia-nitrogen will be further degraded under the function of electro-catalytic oxidation,and at the same time, the turbidity, the chromaticity also will be reduced and the E-coli, Fecal flora,Parasitic ovum ,bacteria and virus will be killed in ECR. The treated water from ECR will be sent to the elevated water storage tank at the top of container for recycling to toilet flushing or greening.
ECO-SAN 3D Drawing of Internal Structure


ECO-SAN Product Characteristics
● Use solar power supplying system, no need to connect to power grid
● Use electro-chem wastewater treatment system to realize loop system
● No secondary contamination, no need to add chemicals, safe and stable treatment result
● Decolorization, disinfection, sterilization effect is very good.
● Automatic control, realizing 24h unmanned operation
● Convenient and easy to move, highly integrated with small footprint
● Professional heat insulation and ventilation design, odorless, safe and hygienic 
ECO-SAN Application Field
● Eco-san sanitation system can be widely used in areas full of sunshine and lack of water and electricity, remote areas, areas without sewer system to improve the local sanitation situation.
● Eco-san sanitation system can be used in scenic spots,pedestrian malls, tourist and traffic routes,exhibition hall, big event, emergency relief and crowd concentration area where need fast treatment to fecal wastewater.

ECO-SAN Product Series——Ecological recycling flush toilet
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