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  • Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Eco-san is committed to provide advanced, green, safe and reliable ecological toilet technology and product.

  • Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Eco-san has a high level team of professional and internationalized technology and product development.

  • Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Eco-san has standardized production workshop of 4000 square meters and a strict quality control system to provide high quality sanitation facilities with advanced technology for customers.

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1. translate 1 people
Main responsibilities:
1) provide project site and conference translation for international projects and international visitors;
2) documentation of international projects and translation of data for daily communication;
Basic requirement:
1) major in English or science and engineering, bachelor degree or above, more than 2 years working experience, both male and female.
2) fluent in spoken and written English, and be competent for site translation and training of environmental protection engineering projects, translation of training materials and translation of project materials.
3) experience in business, conference and environmental engineering is a plus.
4) have experience in direct foreign field or business reception translation, environment engineering background is preferred.
5) willing to travel long distances (1-6 months) in developing or underdeveloped countries, such as Africa, India and other places.
6) understanding ability and language expression ability is strong, serious and meticulous, hard-working, good professional ethics;
7) able to read CAD drawings, familiar with PPT and other OFFICE series common office software, have engineering documents, data compilation experience is preferred;
Salary treatment:
Interview。 Our company will provide competitive salary and benefits according to the specific conditions of the candidates.

2. sponsor 1 Accountants
Job responsibilities:
1) formulate internal financial, accounting system and working procedures, and organize and supervise the implementation after approval
2) audit financial revenues and expenditures, prepare and review financial reports and financial statements, and sign up for major financial revenue and expenditure plans and economic contracts;
3) prepare budgets and implement budgets, participate in the preparation of funds usage plans, and ensure the effective use of funds;
4) prepare and review the accounting information provided by the company;
5) responsible for the preparation of financial comprehensive analysis reports and thematic analysis reports, such as independent project revenue and expenditure accounting, providing a reliable basis for decision-making of the company leadership;
Basic requirement:
1) more than 3 years of general taxpayer enterprise accounting work experience, accounting or above college education, foreign enterprise financial work experience is preferred;
2) serious and meticulous, love and dedication, hard-working, good professional ethics;
3) familiar with financial and Office office software, and have practical experience in common financial system;
4) good communication skills, familiar with the rules and regulations of the financial and tax authorities;
Salary treatment:
Interview。 Our company will provide competitive salary and benefits according to the specific conditions of the candidates.

3. water treatment process design engineer (1-2)
Basic requirements:

1) Bachelor degree or above in environmental engineering, at least 3 years working experience in environmental protection engineering company;
2) have independent water treatment project process plan design and writing and complete sets of drawings of practical project experience, professional foundation is solid, skilled use of drawing software;
3) familiar with conventional water treatment process and equipment selection, familiar with water treatment standards, can undertake independent water treatment process design and follow-up process debugging, on-site follow-up guidance;
4) large project site follow-up, process debugging experience is preferred;
5) experience in foreign affairs and experience in industrial waste water treatment are preferred;
6) cheerful personality, hard work, open-minded, strong communication skills;
7) dedication to excellence, professionalism and efficiency;
8) good team work spirit
9) willing to travel
Main responsibilities:
1) responsible for the preparation of water treatment program, process drawing, bidding data compilation;
2) responsible for the design process commissioning, guidance, follow-up, customer oriented project handover training;
3) continuous improvement of process and establishment of pilot scale and pilot test model of water treatment process;
Salary and salary:
Our company provides competitive salary and benefits according to the actual situation of the candidates (interview)

4. equipment production, installation, commissioning (1-2)
Basic requirements:
1) college degree or above, major in environmental protection equipment or mechanical design or industrial automation, and experienced people with lower education requirements;
2) at least 3 years working experience in environmental equipment production or on-site equipment installation and commissioning
3) understanding of mechanical equipment drawings, familiar with AUTOCAD, SOLIDWORKS and other graphics software is preferred
4) good welding experience in stainless steel and steel parts is preferred
5) comprehensive skills and experience will be preferred
6) good team work spirit
7) willing to travel
Main responsibilities:
1) production, installation and commissioning of environmental protection equipment;
2) equipment design, installation and commissioning of the company's business scope
Salary and salary:
Our company provides competitive salary and benefits according to the actual situation of the candidates (interview)
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