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    Eco-san is committed to provide advanced, green, safe and reliable ecological toilet technology and product.

  • Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Eco-san has a high level team of professional and internationalized technology and product development.

  • Yixing Eco-Sanitary Manufacture Co.,Ltd.

    Eco-san has standardized production workshop of 4000 square meters and a strict quality control system to provide high quality sanitation facilities with advanced technology for customers.

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Underground Pre-treatment Type
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【Product Introduction】

The wastewater collection and pre-treatment system are installed underground. The toilet room, recycling of tertiary (sewage) treatment and the solar power supplying system of this series are integrated together and installed on a movable container. This series is suitable for the occasions with obviously seasonal steam of people like scenic spot or daily peak stream like school, and also the whole treatment system needn’t to be moved.
Basic Parameters:
Toilet Room:7 Seat Toilets+4Urinals
Flushing Times: 300 flushing times/day
Project Location:Primary School in South Africa

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