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Aikesen eco-sanitation won the 2020 Zhongyi Environmental Hospital, the first special features of the selection of ecological toilet champion
  • Author:Mr. Zhou    From:    Date:2020/11/2    Hits:1115
        On the afternoon of October 30, 2020, the awarding ceremony for the award-winning enterprises of the "2020 China Yi environment hospital characteristic specialty selection" was held in Yixing Environmental Protection Exhibition Center. Zhu Xufeng, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and director of the Environmental Science Park Management Committee, Shen Xiaoping, member of the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee and head of the Organization Department, attended the ceremony.
        The selection activity was jointly organized by Yixing Environmental Science Park, environmental regional center of Environmental Science Park (Zhongyi environmental hospital), Jiangsu Environmental Protection Industry Technology Research Institute, etc. Since April, 61 enterprises from 12 specialties have finally entered the evaluation process through the preliminary visit and investigation, enterprise application, data review and other procedures.
        With its strong technical strength, excellent R & D team and strong strength in the field of toilet wastewater treatment and reuse, akerson won the singles champion in the subdivision field of "ecological toilet".

General manager Zhou Xiaokang (6th from left) takes the stage to receive the award

        Zhongyi environmental hospital has gathered hundreds of advanced environmental protection technologies and dozens of experts in the field of environmental protection at home and abroad. It has selected a number of enterprises with technical characteristics, career height and moral standards, and has formed a number of characteristic specialties, such as sewage treatment, water supply treatment, solid waste recycling, sludge treatment, soil remediation, watershed ecological management, rural environmental improvement, waste gas and noise control, etc, It aims to provide one-stop service for environmental protection in China and the world.
        It is our honor to win the award this time, which makes us more confident in fighting for environmental protection. Under the guidance of the "two mountains theory", closely follow the national strategic planning, and under the leadership of the government "co construction, sharing and collaborative development", we will continue to explore and develop better ecological products and governance technologies, and contribute to the construction of ecological civilization!
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