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Huazhong University of Science and Technology's undergraduate student in environmental engineering went to acson's internship.
  • Author:Mr. Zhou    From:    Date:2018/5/9    Hits:2031

In April 16th, a team of 16 undergraduate internships, led by Professor Hu Jingping of the Department of environmental engineering, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (National Youth Millennium Project Expert), went from Wuhan to Yixing ecacon ecological sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. for a 3 day graduation practice with environmental engineering department Hou Huijie and Liu Bingchuan two. A teacher.

In April 17th, the teachers and students of Huazhong University, accompanied by Zhou Xiaokang, general manager of aconson, participated in the founding ceremony of the "Yixing municipal wastewater concept plant", and visited the Limited by Share Ltd of Peng kite environmental protection.



In April 18th, accompanied by Shen Hai Feng, the Research Institute of environmental protection industry, the practice team visited the international environmental Exhibition Center of the ring Park, the Yixing Institute of environmental protection of Harbin Industrial University and the Yixing Environmental Research Institute of Nanjing University in the afternoon, and visited two ecological toilet demonstration sites in the Nanyue temple in Yixing and the Forest Park of dragon back mountain in the afternoon.





Through this practice exchange, the company and Huazhong University of Science and Technology environmental engineering professional further exchanges, internship unit Yixing Yixing is also full of harvest!

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