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Chinese Academy of Engineering party secretary Li Xiaogong academician and his party visit
  • Author:Mr. Zhou    From:    Date:2018/5/9    Hits:1619

In April 16th, academician Li Xiaogong of the Chinese Academy of Engineering Party member visited Yixing eco environmental sanitation equipment Co., Ltd. Mr. Li visited the aconson workshop, the research and development test workshop, and watched aconson's propaganda film, listened to the introduction of Marley, the executive vice president of aconson, and went to two demonstration sites in Forest Park in Yixing to use the site for investigation.

Accompanied by Secretary Li, Hao Jiming, Professor of the Chinese Academy of engineering, Professor of environmental School of Tsinghua University, Professor Yu Gang of the Environmental Institute of Tsinghua University, Liu Yamin, deputy secretary of the Yixing Municipal People's Congress, deputy secretary of the party Industrial Committee of the Yixing Ring Park, assistant director of the circular Science Park and Qin Shaoqing, director of the Bureau of science and technology development. Zhou Xiaokang, executive vice president Marley, received the inspection.

Visit the acarson research and development room

Hearing the report of Marley, the executive vice president of acarson
Secretary Li used two words to "shock!" To comment on exon's expedition, "I didn't expect that a new technology industrialization would be so fast that it would not be easy to do that." Mr. Li gave a high degree of appreciation to Ekosen's work and hoped that he would have confidence in the toilet revolution, which was very suitable for the water shortage area in the West.

"At the same time, we need to control the cost, reduce the price of the toilet, and make appropriate improvements in the process. The next step will be to organize some technical help from the academicians of the material, environmental and mechanical aspects of the Chinese Academy of engineering to solve the related problems as soon as possible, and there will be no good results." Secretary Li said that after the product is further improved, the Academy of engineering will actively recommend this product to the relevant ministries and commissions of the country.


Visit the Yixing Forest Park project demonstration site of acarson

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